School’5 Cup is a 5-aside tournament where teams from each year group will compete against teams from other schools.

All games are competitive in nature with a ‘live’ league ladder available to view via the schedule and standings link on the Goals Australia website homepage.


Get the squad together!

Teams may field four (4) outfield players and a goalkeeper on the pitch at any one time with team squads to a maximum of 9 players. Year 7, 8 and 9 competitions allowed to include mix gender teams at the discretion of the teacher. 


Look the part

Players are recommended to wear moulded football boots - NO screw-in metal studded footwear. Shinpads MUST be worn by all players! School's are to provide their own personalised playing kits for players and in the circumstance where there is a clash of team colours with an opposing team, Goals will provide bibs if none are available.


How to fill out the team registration form

Under the registrant information, there are mandatory fields that require personal information. We do not expect nor are asking for you (the individual registering the team) to provide us with your personal address, contact number etc. We ask that you use the schools details to populate these fields. With regards to contact numbers, a school number is sufficient but in the circumstance of inclement weather or any other unforeseeable situations that may arise, another direct number to yourself or faculty would be ideal. Date of birth can be a generic 01-01-1990 with email address being your '' please.



We at Goals Australia are dedicated to providing our players with the safest 5 a side pitches in the country. However when participating in the School'5 Cup we’ll make sure you are covered in case of any injury. To do this we need EVERY player in your team to be registered with all of their correct details on file (our insurers cannot cover non-registered players). To be eligible to claim, Goals Australia must be contacted within 72 hours of the injury / incident.


The Goals Australia Facility

Besides providing what we feel are the best 5 aside football pitches on the Gold Coast, we also provide beverages and an assortment of food for the players to purchase. There is a male/female bathroom, plenty of shade and taps/bubblers for players to utilise.

Important: Please read the attached terms and conditions

[wp-svg-icons icon="file-3" wrap="i"] Terms and Conditions


  1. NO players (other than the goalkeeper) are permitted to enter the ‘D’ (goalkeepers’ zone)
  2. If a defending player enters his or her own ‘D’ (goalkeepers’ zone/area) a penalty kick will be awarded to the attacking team. (ALL penalty kicks are one (1) step penalties).
  3. If an attacking player enters the opponent’s ‘D’ (goalkeeper’s zone/area) a free kick will be awarded; to be taken by the goalkeeper.
  4. A goalkeeper is able to handle the ball with either their hands or feet whilst inside their own D; with the exception of a back pass (a direct pass from their own team) whereby their hands cannot be used.
  5. The goalkeeper’s distribution of the ball from the defensive D must either touch a teammate or bounce at least once within the defensive half before moving into the attacking half. If this does not occur, a free kick will be awarded on halfway to the opposing team.
  6. A teammate receiving the ball from the goalkeeper may not return the ball directly to the goalkeeper – the ball must first be touched by another teammate or an opponent. A direct free will be given to the opposing team from the position of where the back passed occurred.
  7. If a goalkeeper has possession of the ball outside of their own D (goalkeeper’s zone/area) they cannot bring the ball back into their own D. A penalty kick will be awarded to the opposing team from the spot.
  8. If the ball goes out of play, the game will be restarted by the goalkeeper from inside the D from the opposing end by which the ball went out from.
  9. A goal may be scored by any player.
  10. No slide tackles are permitted at any time. A free kick will be awarded against the opposing team.
  11. Playing of the ball on the ground is allowed as long as it is not in the act of performing a tackle or attempting to dispossess an opposing player.

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Monday Men’s Div 2
Plays on: Mondays
Starts: 5 Feb 2024
Duration: 15 weeks
Tuesday Men’s Div 3
Plays on: Tuesdays
Starts: 13 Feb 2024
Duration: 16 weeks
Wednesday Men’s Div 2
Plays on: Wednesdays
Starts: 7 Feb 2024
Duration: 16 weeks
Wednesday Men’s Div 3
Plays on: Wednesdays
Starts: 7 Feb 2024
Duration: 16 weeks
Thursday Men’s Div 3
Plays on: Thursdays
Starts: 15 Feb 2024
Duration: 16 weeks